Presentation at the NRP 69 Progress Report Meeting, 16./17. January 2017, Bern

At the very beginning there was the search for a project with impact. The development of the research questions led to a larger project than had been foreseen. NOVANIMAL consists of 13 work packages involving  seven research institutions, many scientific disciplines and more than two dozen researchers. The research questions along the animal-based food chains are investigated by a broad variety of methods, reaching from case studies and experiments to national surveys and modelling. The expected results relate to which innovations are effective, and how they could be fostered. Equally important is the identification of constraints that hinder the development of a resource-lighter, healthier and more plant-based Swiss food culture. The presentation gives a very brief overview of the project that started in September 2016.

 Priska Baur 

Präsentation NRP 69 Progress Report Meeting

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